Sponsorship of the BRBS festival has its perks!

-All sponsors will be advertised on our webpage with their logo that will link festival goers directly to Their website!

-All Sponsors will be highlighted on large banners throughout the festival for optimal exposure!

-Gold sponsorship and up will include a 10x10 spot in the trade show if needed.(size can be discussed to fit needs)

-All sponsors will be announced on stage throughout the festival and when the awards are presented.

-Sponsorship can be tailored to fit your businesses needs.

      The biggest part of the sponsorship rewards is being part of a community festival that gives free Family entertainment in a safe clean environment. Together we can put your company and the city of Camrose on the Map

Title sponsor


-event name will have your company incorporated into it!

-online advertising on the event web page.Company will have multiple spots on page.links will take futeure customers to your website!

-up to 10 10x10 spots in our vendor area to promote your company!

-opportunity to supply banners for the event to further promote your company.

-have the privilege of every family in Camrose knowing that you  are the biggest sponsor of the biggest free entertainment festival in Camrose!

Platinum Sponsor 5000.00$

-up to 3 10x10 spots in the vendor area

-Prime advertising spot on web page.the logo posted will directly go to company website

-option to supply additional advertising material to be posted at the site!

Gold Sponsor 2000.000$

-up to 2 free 10x10 spot in vendor area

-web page advertising. posted logo will take future customers directly to your website.

Silver 1000.00$

-1 free 10x10 spot in the vendor area to promote your business! 

-web page advertising. posted logo will take future customers directly to your website.

Bronze 500.00$

-web page advertising. posted logo takes customer directly to your company website.

Friend of Kin 500.00$ and under

-mention in friend of kin column on website